Last Season Wrap Up

With all the excitement of the Season 3 Guild Ball release, this write up of a game between Jason and myself has been overlooked. So here is a very late Season 2 match between the Morticians and Masons. This game was a month ago now so some of the turns may be a bit sparse on detail.

Turn 1

Silence kicks off for the Morticians. And it lands on an obstruction near Tower and Marbles. Strong start to our rules knowledge of the game.

Marbles starts off by advancing, grabbing the ball and kicking it vaguely in the direction of Chisel, who is close enough to snap it up. He then tools up Hammer.

Graves runs forward.

Tower cautiously approaches Silence, but fails to shut him out due to his surprising defence of 5+. Tower also puts defend the ground on the obstacle in front of him.

Silence shows the Masons how the ranged game should work, by chucking some embalming fluid, neatly catching Tower and the monkey.

Chisel kicks the ball to Mallet, then runs to hide behind the wood.

Dirge swoops forward.

Mallet passes to Hammer and runs up a bit.

Graves wanders forward.

Hammer kicks to Flint who spends a Momentum to dodge up a bit.

Cosset runs up to join the rest of the spooks in this highly eventful turn.

Flint scores! I forget how but I recall it was epic and involved runs, “where’d they go” and the like.

Obulous, quietly sitting on a stack of Influence, walks up and kicks the shit out of Flint. And pops his legendary. Luckily Flint survives but there is no way for Masons to win initiative now.

Morticians win initiative.
Turn 2

The spooks decide some payback is in order for Flint. Jason’s goal loses its first wing of the night.

Silence starts things off by trying to get tucked on Tower, but fails. He then grabs the ball from where it’s sitting.

Marbles tools up Hammer again, then decides things might be better from way over near the goal and retreats.

Dirge charges(!) Flint and gets 4 hits! Flint is singled out and takes a point of damage.

Hammer charges Ghast, although the spooky giant makes him pay extra. Thanks to iron fist and tooled up he puts out 10 damage and knocks him down.

Obulous gives Cosset a confidence boost before charging Flint. A metric crapton of dice leads to a measly 4 damage, although Flint is seriously reconsidering his life choices by this point.

Mallet responds to Obulous’ aggression by charging him and knocking him down and away. He then takes a couple of half hearted swings at Dirge and gets a couple of points of damage.

Graves decides it’s his time to live the dream and charges in, scything blow taking Flint out as well as hurting Mallet, Hammer and Ghast!

Chisel charges Graves, but just dodges around a bit for some momentum. 

Cosset goes bat shit crazy and charges Mallet for 11 damage.

Tower shakes fire and gets Marbles to do the same. He then runs at Silence.

Ghast stands up, shakes the knock down on Obulous then hits Hammer and knocks him down.

Mallet bleeds out at the end of the turn.

Turn 3 

Football is largely forgotten as the players get stuck in.

Mallet and Flint come back on after some magic sponges and a stern talking to from the head coach.

Obulous puts confidence on Cosset again, then puppet masters Silence into passing him the ball!

Hammer stands up, but then is too scared of Ghast to actually hit him (or in reality I only gave him 1 influence as I forgot about fear).

Ghast proceeds to knock Hammer back on his arse and give m a bit of a kicking.

Chisel charges the bird for some momentum and wee bit of damage. 

Cosset charges Chisel and shows her how it is done, taking the wee lass out.

Flint does some shenanigans and gets a charge off on Silence for some momentum and dodges. 

Graves smacks Hammer around some, getting to use rabid animal for poison on the enemy captain.

Tower walks up and smacks Silence around a bit.

Mallet runs to keep up with the game/brawl happening way over there.

Dirge just hovers around looking spooky.

The monkey hangs around by goal.

With a stack of momentum the Masons actually win initiative!

Turn 4

Flint gets another kicking.

Chisel jogs in from the side.

Flint decides to go all out and get his second goal of the night. Runs over to Obulous, taking a parting blow from Silence, dodges in after the unpredictable move, but fails to tackle on the first go. His second try gets him the ball and the momentum, but he has no influence left for the shot. Sad times.

Obulous hits Flint a bit but does not a lot.

Hammer goes in on Graves after spending a momentum to stand, getting loads of damage and momentum.

Crazy Cosset charges Flint and takes him out again, snapping the ball and passing it neatly to Obulous who dodges forward.

Tower smacks Silence around a bit for momentum and heals himself up.

Dirge flails ineffectually at Hammer.

Chisel heals up and runs to engage Graves.

Graves hits Hammer for some damage.

And Marbles patches him back up.

Ghast charges a chisel, knocking her down to negate her counter attack. The follow up attacks do 3 damage.

Mallet continues his long walk back into the game. He also heals as he goes.

Silence hits Tower, dodging away.

The Spooks easily take the initiative.

Turn 5

The Masons start to close the gap!

Ghast starts by taking Chisel out, an easy feat with her defenceless on the floor near him.

Tower charges Cosset, leaving her on a solitary hit point! So close!

Graves takes on Hammer, but fails to do much.

Marbles bravely advances and puts tooled up on Hammer, readying him for the beating to come.

Obulous passes to Silence who dodges forward. He then charges Tower, knocking him down and away, with some minor damage thrown in.

Flint charges Dirge, doing a momentous push dodge.

Cosset goes crazy once more and charges Tower, doing 6 damage.

Hammer takes a free strike from the Raven, and proceeds to dish out some pain to Graves, taking him out the game.

Silence passes back to Obulous.

Mallet continues his long march back to relevancy.

In a surprise move, the Masons turn a significant momentum disadvantage into a successful initiative roll!

Turn 6

6-10 to the Spooks at this point. But with a Mason start, they can gain some ground.

Tower starts things off strong by taking out Cosset and shutting out Obulous!

After his patching up on the side, Graves charges in to do some damage to Tower.

Mallet finally gets back into the game, by charging Ghast and knocking him down, with a singled out for good measure.

Silence shuts out Hammer, meaning a sneaky Mason win is unlikely as Hammer has a stack of influence and was hoping to strut his stuff before Obulous could go. Silence follows up with an embalming fluid to Hammer and Marbles.

Flint walks to engage Dirge. With hindsight this was a mistake…

Ghast stands up and proceeds to spank the monkey. In public as well. 2 damage and a knockdown.

The bird heals himself.

Chisel wanders up.

Obulous goes and with a ton of influence easily dispatches Flint for the win. 3 take outs in one game for the Masons golden boy.

12-8 to the Morticians, and a full house for wins in season 2 for Jason.

Luckily for me Season 3 got off to a cracking start. New Midas and Vet Katalyst are mental! Game 2 had the spooks back as top dogs though, once he knew what was coming.

Thanks for reading.



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